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2010, Up Out My Face Remix

Publié par B.Lamb

featuring Nicki Minaj

2010, Clip de Up Out My Face Remix

2010, UP OUT MY FACE REMIX featuring Nicki Minaj

It's not chipped we're not cracked
Oh we're shattered
(Nicki: Mariahhh)
Hey hey hey
(Nicki: Young Money)
Hey hey hey
(Nicki: Nicki Minaj)
Hey hey hey
(Nicki: Your such a Barbie)
Ouh nah nah nah nah nah...

Yo, yo
Mariah I was in them million dollar meetings, he was cheatin'
All up in the church, he was sneakin' with the deacon
Cats away, well the mice will play
LOL smiley face, have a nice day
Cause POP POP POP, it goes my rubber band
So STOP STOP STOP, sniffin' that contraband
Cause u was penny pinchin' my accounts laced
Attentionnnn, about face

I though we had something special
And we had something good
But I should have had
Another mechanic under my hood
If you see me walkin' by ya
Boy don't you even speak
Pretend you're on a sofa
And I'm on the TV
Might see me on a poster,
See me at a show
But you won't see me for free
Boy this ain't no promo

Actin all shamed now

Wherever you been layin'
You can stay now
Gotta board the BBJ
And pull the shades down
I'm on the plane now
And don't keep callin' from your
Momma's house

When I break I break boy

Up out my face boy, up out my face boy
Up out my face, I break
Up out my face boy, up out my face boy
Up out my face, I break
You ain't ever gonna feel
This thing again
You're gonna get a lot of calls
Cause I CC'd all your friends
I ain't walkin around all mopey and sad
That ain't even my bag, baby
I break

(When I break I break)

(Nicki: Mariahhh)
So look who's cryin' now, boo hoo hoo
Talkin' about you're missin'
Your boo hoo hoo
No you ain't getting it
No you ain't hittin' it
No you ain't a rapper so you need to
Stop spittin' it - Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
You'll wonder who I'm messin'
With while you ain't next to me
I'm going bye...

So pay the consequences
Cause you acting all ignorant


Yo, stylin' on them big B's
Bought the Benz out
Elevator, press P for the Pent House
Top doe's, we break like tacos
Roscoe's, on his knees wit a snot-nose
They be like she next
Kawasaki T-Rex
Give em' some Kleenex
Match his little V-Necks
Oh that's what he left?
Let his mama pick it up
Might back up on it, VROOM VROOM wit the pick-up truck
That blue and yellow, yeah that's the Carmelo Jag
I bob and weave em'
Hit em' wit that Mayweather JAB
I get the thumbs up, like I'm hailing a yellow cab
My flow nuts like M&M's in the yellow bag

Cause when I break, I break, I break
And no super glue can fix this shhh
When I break I break I break
Not even a welder and a builder
Can rebuild this shhh
When I break, I break, I break
Not even a nail technician
With a whole lotta
Gel and acrylic can fix this
When I break, I break
If we were two lego blocks
Even the Harvard University
Graduating class of 2010
Couldn't put us back together again

[REFRAIN 2...]
(Nicki: Better go back 2 yo mama's house)

2010, Up Out My Face Remix